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Power Spike - The 15mm Science Fantasy Range



Picture: "Inferno" by Matt Dixon



Cyberian Death Commandos


CDC1    Commander Vortan & Political Commissar Kang 1.20p


CDC2    Cyberian Death Commandos 2.20p


CDC3    Red Banner Manitou 2.20p


CDC4    "Wrecking Crew" Warbots 2.20p


CDC5    Khan Class Fire Support Droid 1.20


CDC6    Zomborgs 2.00p


CDC7    Apocalypse Class Mag-Lev Tank (release postponed indefinitely due to technical difficulties)


Shinjuku Cyber-Shogunate


SCS1    Kendo Hiroshima & Rikishi Osaka 1.20p


SCS2    Neon Samurai Warriors 2.20p


SCS3    Rising Sun  Manitou 2.20p


SCS4    Robo-Cavalry 2.20p


SCS5    Cyber-Ninjas 2.00p


SCS6    Kaitain Class Spider Tank 10  (email us to check for availability before ordering)



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Metal Eyed Rats a Chronicle of the Cyberian Death Commandos